Having Fun in Wellington

Wellington, despite being such a compact city, has its fair share of nightlife and entertainment. Readers of this in-depth blog will enjoy articles on the most popular bars, where to find comedy clubs, the best restaurants, the hottest nightclubs and much more. Discover hidden entertainment venues, regional food, craft beer, theatres and a host of attractions for all ages and tastes. Visit Cuba Street for its vibrant Night Market, find nocturnal creatures on an evening tour of a wildlife sanctuary, or maybe have a starlit experience at the city's planetarium. Every night is full of fun in New Zealand's capital city.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

11 Jun 2021

Love chocolates? Then visit a hidden gem between Hannahs Laneway and Eva Street, the Wellington Chocolate Factory. For people who appreciate sweet treats, almost every piece of chocolate is a delight. Chocolate from the chocolate factory, though, is unlike any other. Thanks to a meticulous process and a unique Kiwi tale.

Nightclubs in Wellington, New Zealand

6 May 2021

No trip to Wellington would actually be complete without having a piece of the city's nightlife. If you love night clubs, Wellington offers plenty of them, including, among others, Red Square Bar, Hawthorne Lounge, Dakota Bar, Danger Danger, The Establishment, San Fran, and Good Luck Bar.

Wellington's Cinemas

29 Mar 2021

For anyone who loves watching films, Wellington is the place to find such. Here, you will come across a host of cinemas, which you won't be able to resist visiting. You can choose from Penthouse Cinema, Paramount Cinema, Embassy Theater, Empire Cinema and Eatery, and Time Cinema.